Field Rules

TRAMPS Field Rules

The Traverse Area Model Pilots Society (TRAMPS) Field Rules can be read below. They can also be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking the  following button.


Traverse Area Model Pilots Society (TRAMPS) Field Rules

1. All TRAMPS Members shall be designated SAFETY Officers. Members shall be charged with monitoring all model and full-size activity at the flying site and assure that all rules are observed.

2. Every pilot that is not considered a guest or visitor MUST be a member of TRAMPS and possess a TRAMPS membership sticker and also be a current member of the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS (AMA) and possess an AMA card with the annual TRAMPS sticker affixed to it and agree to abide by all AMA and TRAMPS rules. The AMA card shall be contained inside a “club provided” clear plastic envelope showing the front of the AMA card with the TRAMPS sticker affixed. This arrangement shall be referred to as the “badge holder.”

3. Guests/Visitors to the area will be permitted to fly at the TRAMPS fields as long as all club rules are obeyed. Guests/Visitors MUST have proof of AMA membership in their possession in order to fly, or be flying with a TRAMPS instructor. This shall be permitted for a two- week limit per person.

4. All pilots shall read and agree to abide by these posted rules.

5. Pilots who are flying 72 MHz are responsible for coordinating with other pilots on frequencies and flights to insure sure there is no interference.

6. For 2.4 GHz Pilots. When ready to fly or test your 2.4 GHz aircraft, pilots must have a badge holder clipped to your person showing your current AMA membership card, or proof of AMA membership, with the front of the AMA card shown so the TRAMPS sticker is visible.

7. All pilots must operate their aircraft from behind a safety barricade at any pilot station that is open along the active runway.

8. Pilots will not start or arm their aircraft to fly until it is their turn at the pilot flight station. If pilots use the startup stands to assemble and start their plane, the startup stands should be to the left or right of the flight stations. Once started, the pilot should carry the plane to the taxiway and set it down. There shall be no taxiing through the pit area or behind other pilots on the flight line.

9. Pilots with giant scale planes and pilots who want to start on the ground should use one of the taxiways to start their planes. They should use a tail hook or fellow club member to restrain the plane while starting the plane. Once the plane is started, they should move to a pilot flight station, taxi to the runway and fly. There shall be no taxiing through the pit area or behind other pilots on the flight line.

10. Flight/Test stands are available for assembly of arriving aircraft to the field and disassembly of aircraft leaving the field. Testing aircrafts shall be done on a flight/test stand located

parallel to flying pilots on the flight line and far enough away as to not interfere with normal conversation decibels between pilots flying aircraft.

11. Aircraft must be flown within the designated flying area, with no intentional over-flying of the pit, spectator area or parking area. At Rennie Field no intentional flying is permitted south of Rennie School Road.

12. No more than four aircraft may be flown at one time without club approval, airshows and other larger group activities may have more with the approval of the Event Coordinator. Each pilot shall stand behind a flight station barricade on the flight line.

13. Pilots will follow an agreed upon standard pattern depending on the wind direction. All pilots will land and take off using the established pattern. Helicopters and multi-rotor copters may use the inactive runway area to fly, staying out of the established pattern. If they are flying off the main runway they must follow the standard pattern.

14. Any combustion engine must be fitted with an effective noise reduction exhaust system.

15. A TRAMPS Instructor must check out students and new members ability to control aircrafts safely before allowing them to fly solo on a TRAMPS field.

16. Any pilot planning to fly may not be under the influence of any substance prior to flying, nor may members, guests, or visitors on the grounds of the flying site consume any alcohol or substance. Members, guests, and visitors must leave if under the influence or belligerent at any TRAMPS flying field or meetings.

17. All persons present at any R.C. flying field shall be aware of full-size aircraft flying in the airspace. All R.C. aircraft pilots shall land their aircraft immediately and yield to full-size aircraft attempting to land at the Interlochen airport.

18. Any non-pilot guest or child must stay behind the fence bordering the parking area, unless invited by a pilot. Children are not allowed to run free in the pits or on the flying field.

19. Violation of the above rules may be reported by filling out a grievance form to the Board of Directors. Violators face penalties that may include, but are not limited to, grounding and possible removal from TRAMPS membership.

20. Parking shall be in designated areas only.

Revised 5/11
Revised 6/12
Revised 9/12
Revised 3/21
Revised 1/23