Interlochen Library “Things That Fly”

TRAMPS - Green Lake (Interlochen) Airfield 8558 Youker Rd, Interlochen, MI, United States

The Interlochen Library kicks off it's summer reading program on June 30th at the Interlochen Airport. They would like us to fly in our area so their parents and kids can take a walk down and watch some planes fly. Their theme this summer is "THINGS THAT FLY" and we can relate to that! NOTE:...

4th Annual Summer Gladwin RC Fly

Radio Controlled fly-in. All gas/glow/electric airplanes (mono and bi-plane), Jets, and helicopters are welcome. All quadcopters are prohibited due to Gladwin Airport rules. Tailgate swap meet. Phone: (989)522-5934, Email: 919 River Road, Beaverton, MI, 48612

TRAMPS Memorial Day Fly In

TRAMPS - Rennie School Rd. Airfield 4545 Rennie School Road, Traverse City, MI, United States

Come enjoy each other's company and food and flying