Aerobatic Plane Vought F4U-Corsair

Traverse Area Model Pilots Society

TRAMPS is a family oriented club and boasts over 70 members annually. Our Pilots/Members range in age from 10 to over 80. The TRAMPS is now an AMA Gold level leader club!

In order to recognize the leadership of the best model clubs, the Academy has established the AMA Leader Club Awards. These awards can be earned by any AMA chartered club, by meeting certain standards of community service and activity. There are three levels of AMA Leader Clubs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Once a club meets the minimum criteria, it qualifies for different levels based on performance.

AMA has established 6 goals (one goal can be waived) and nine electives to obtain Leader Club status. The ultimate recognition, the Gold level, requires that all goals be met and Each goal must be documented.

Members or visitors flying at the club's flying fields are required to carry AMA liability coverage which is included in your AMA membership. The limited coverage available is $2,500,000 involving bodily injury and/or property damage. AMA open membership costs $75.00 per year for ages 19-65, $65 per year for 65 and over, and free for under 19 and is paid directly to the AMA in Muncie Indiana.


Here is a list of the 2018 officers and contact information for each.

Office Name E-mail Phone
President Kim Couturier (231) 929-2315
Vice President Mark Hamlyn (231) 946-5981
Secretary and Treasurer Dan Mclaren (616) 245-5874
Webmaster Brian Green (231) 883-5051
Board Member Ben Komrska (231) 276-7755
Board Member Rob McDonald (231) 943-3527
Board Member Richard Blaum unlisted (231) 256-7709


Our 2018 membership dues:

First Time Members before September 15th
Individual and Family - $ 65.00
Junior (up to 19) / Student - $25.00
First Time Members joining after September 14th
Individual and Family - $65.00*
Junior (up to 19) / Student - $25.00*
* Membership valid until the end of the following year.
Membership Renewal (Must be paid by the March meeting)
Individual and Family - $55.00
Junior (up to 19) / Student - $25.00

First Time Members joining after September 14th will be at the January 1st price but that membership will be good until the end of the next year.

All college Students are eligible for the student rate.

We are pleased to welcome the NMC UAS program students!

To join TRAMPS you'll need to have a filled out Membership Application, A copy of the Field Rules and Regulations, and a form of payment for the dues.